It’s a beautiful day to get things done. Everything you require is available but somehow, you’re just not up for the task. And no, you’re neither tired nor sleepy. You just don’t have the zest required the drive or the motivation to accomplish your set goals and mission. It feels like you’re in a reformatory sentence all thanks to zero motivation. Are you among the several eager individuals desperately seeking to understand motivation more and the different ways you can motivate yourself? Read on!

What is Motivation?

Motivation is both an in-built and external response. It answers the why in any situation. Why are you about to do that task? What is your drive? What is that precise fuel propelling you to do it? Once you’re able to answer the why, to determine the enthusiasm, then you’re empowered to carry out your day to day activities. Yes! This is despite any challenges you’ll encounter. A daily dose of motivation guarantees gold!

Why do you need Motivation?

Well, just like breathing is essential for your survival, Motivation is similarly vital. So, why exactly do you need to stay motivated? Below is an overview why.

  • To solve problems

Having problems at your workplace or home? Well, it certainly happens to the best of individuals. Whenever two or more people are working together, problems are inevitable. So what do you do next? Quit? How many times will you have to start over and over again? There is a better solution! Stay motivated! Motivation, whether intrinsic or extrinsic will act as the fuel you’ll require to solve your problems.

  • To become fearless

You definitely want to succeed in your life Endeavour’s but somehow, fear keeps holding you back. It’s like you’re afraid to actually succeed! Sounds ridiculous considering your deep desire to succeed right? Probably you’re scared of what it’s going to take for you to succeed. Or it could be you’re subconsciously sabotaging your own success due to false beliefs’. Being motivated will amazingly mould you into this fearless being. With the right motivation, impossible will cease to exist in your personal vocabulary.

  • Transform your outlook

Ever heard of the quote that goes “perception is everything!”? It actually is! Perception truly is everything! Motivation helps transform your prior outlook of life. You get to look at things from a different perspective. With motivation, your dreams finally get to dress up, in work clothes off course! Once that happens, the sky becomes your new limit!

  • Define your objective

Still wondering why you need motivation? How about to define your objective? Motivation ensures you’ll be able to define your set objectives and accomplish them, Awesome don’t you think? Defining your objectives is proven to top the list when it comes to habits successful people indulge in. Get motivated and Start defining your objectives today. Then sit back and watch success chase you down.

5 Tips for Improving Motivation

Great news! Lack of motivation is something that can be easily fixed, Incredible right? Whenever you find yourself unmotivated or at the verge of losing motivation, follow the below 5 self help tips. Your motivation levels will without a shadow of doubt improve.

1 our website. Have clear goals

Sit down with a writing pad and pen and start jotting down your goals. Separate the short-term ones from the long –term ones. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve is essential and will keep you motivated. Remember to acknowledge every tiny achievement. You’ll be more motivated.

2. Inspire yourself with other people’s success stories

Read! Read! Read! Not a big fun of reading? Well, you could watch an inspirational film or listen to an inspirational audio. Amazingly, knowing others before you were successful despite challenges they faced is motivational enough. Your motivation instantly improves!

3. Constantly think of the benefits you will reap upon achieving your goals

When things get tougher at the level you are at, focus on the view from the top. Think of all the benefits you will enjoy once you’ve achieved your goals. Feels great thinking you’ve finally made it right? Now make that a consistent habit. Always focus on the benefits you’ll reap!

4. Come up with your own lines of positive affirmations. Repeat them constantly

Having simple reminders that you are fully capable of accomplishing your goals will definitely keep you motivated. Have short and simple quotes like “I can do this!” Or “I’m fully equipped to tackle this! “ That is motivation enough. Constantly repeating your own affirmations will incredibly improve your motivation. Try it! It’s definitely worth it!

5. Start working on your goals NOW!

Tomorrow is hardly promised! Need to achieve your goals? Start working on them NOW! Today is all you got! Start your a thousand miles journey now. Why? You’ll be more motivated to accomplish it. Once you start, keep working on it every day. Its better you take small strides daily than do nothing in a day.

When to seek professional help

You are meant for greatness! Believe that despite the odds against you. Remember its motivation that will grant you your heart’s and minds desires. Get motivated, enjoy your daily tasks and use the 5 self help tips above to improve your motivation every time your fire ceases.

If you need help to motivate yourself, stop procrastinating or support towards you goals then contact me for a FREE Initial Consultation to see how it is I can help you.