What to Expect

Initial Consultation – What to expect

As you may have seen elsewhere on my website, in my opinion there isn’t a single therapy or therapist/coach that suits every single individual.

For this reason, I offer a completely FREE no obligation 30 minute initial consultation.

This gives you an opportunity to meet me personally to make sure you are comfortable working with me and have confidence that together we can get the best outcome for you. Picking the right therapist and therapy for you is absolutely vital in you achieving what you want to from therapy.

Most importantly I offer a number of different methods and therapies. I work completely client and solution focused and there isn’t a one therapy or method that fits all. Our sessions will be completely tailored to you, your personality and to what you want to achieve from therapy.

At the end of the free initial consultation, I can explain exactly what type of therapy or method I believe will suit you best and why I think that. I can also give you an indication of the frequency and number of session I believe you will need.

One of my recent clients gave me a testimonial that said I’m not a fluffy therapist! And this is true! I am a straight and plain talking, motivational and results driven therapist. My aim is to work with you to resolve and solve what it is you came to see me for and to do so in the most effective and quickest way possible for you.

I work with most mind related matters but I specialise in Anxiety, Panic attacks, Confidence, PTSD, Trauma, Public speaking, Motivation and Performance enhancement. I’ve equally worked very successfully with many things from Grief, Anger and Weight management through to Erectile Dysfunction. So whatever you’d like help with, I’m confident that I can help you.

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. So take that first step and contact me for your FREE no pressure or obligation initial consultation.

I look forward to working with you to achieve the best version on you.

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