We have all seen hypnotherapy being used in movies, on stage or TV shows. However, that is not what hypnotherapy is really like. Here are some questions people who are not familiar with hypnotherapy usually ask:

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a completely natural state. We all experience a form of hypnosis every day. Possibly when day dreaming or when you have complete concentration on one thing like being engrossed in a book or watching TV you hardly notice someone entering the room you’re in or who are talking to you.

Hypnosis could be described as a state of complete relaxation. A totally focused state. However, you are completely alert and cannot be made to do anything which you are reluctant to do or do not want to do.

Hypnosis is used with Hypnotherapy (link to page) and Hypnoanalysis (link to page), NOT with BWRT® (link to page).

What does hypnosis feel like?

Everyone relates a different experience. It is a very individual experience that differs from person to person. I would say that there is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling.

Some people state say they feel a slight heaviness in their bodies while others say they experience a sensation of lightness. However, everyone says that they were totally relaxed and some people saying that they feel a bit more alert than they usually are.

You will hear the therapist, any sounds around you and be able to talk, move and open your eyes if you wish to. You will NOT be in a zombie state like some movies and stage hypnosis appear.

How will I become hypnotised?

Hypnosis can be induced in many ways. However, it is usually induced when you listen to my voice, relax and follow my instructions or story. You are seated or lying down (whichever you prefer), eyes closed and completely relaxed as you listen to my voice. You are then gently guided to a very pleasant state of complete and utter relaxation.

Will I be completely controlled by the therapist?

Not at all! This is not at all like the movies or TV shows where you are made to do things and then when you come out of your hypnotic state you forget everything wjonckw. On the contrary, you remember everything and are completely in control of your body and your actions.

Is anyone immune to hypnosis?

It depends from person to person how much you will be able to relax and connect with your therapist. Some people are very reluctant with the whole idea and they face a lot of problems with relaxing and cannot be hypnotised while there are others who completely trust their therapist and face no issues at all. You cannot be coerced or tricked into hypnosis. How deeply you relax depends on you.

What if hypnosis isn’t for me?

No problem, there isn’t a single therapy that works for every single individual, that’s why I offer a FREE initial consultation to find out more about you and to suggest the therapy that’s right for you. BWRT® (Link to BWRT) may be a better suited therapy for you if you do not wish to use hypnosis in your therapy or wish to revel your private thoughts.