What is happiness?

It can be difficult to define happiness as it is really a feeling in my opinion. Everyone has their own definition of happiness and of what makes them happy.

My top self help tips for happiness 

Consider what DOES actually make you happy!
We often know and focus on things that make us unhappy without ever considering what actually DOES make us happy. I always get clients to draw up a list of at least 10 things that make them happy. Everyone is different. What makes one person happy and fulfilled might not make another person happy. For some people it could include spending time with family but for another that could make them unhappy! Once you have your list then mark next to it on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being highest, where you would rate either the amount of time you currently spend doing each thing that makes you happy or where it is on a scale in terms of fulfilment at the moment. It will give you a very clear indication of what you should be doing more of to be happy!

Smile whenever and wherever you can!
When you smile you cant NOT send a signal to your brain that you are smiling. Smile at others and make their day too, a smile is contagious. Smile whilst talking on the telephone, even your voice changes when you smile. It’s almost impossible to really smile and say you’re unhappy. Smiling to yourself in a mirror is even more powerful because your brain gets a signal to say you’re smiling and also receives the signal back from your reflection that someone is smiling at you too. Do try this, it actually works!

Turn up the feel good factor
Happiness is a feeling. Music can have a huge effect on our mind and bodies. Try turning up a happy song, smiling, dancing or singing to really lift you to happiness. My favourite is Happy by Pharell Williams.

How I can help?

Apart from the above mentioned self help techniques hypnotherapy and psychotherapy are highly effective ways to banish any unwanted unhappiness and feeling and then reprogramme the mind to produce more of the things that do make you happy.

Who can benefit from my services?

Psychotherapy and hypnotherapy is for anyone and everyone who wants to get happier.

Take that first step, decide to take control and banish what it is that you don’t want and get more of what you do want. Get happy! Contact me to book a FREE Initial Consultation.