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Want to take your Business to the next level?

Speak publicly online, on social media or to an audience with passion, confidence and professionalism….. Not panic and fear!

This personalised 4 session, one to one programme is designed to help you to increase your sales, clients and profit.

As a business professional who uses social media you know how important it is to get your message out there. Whether you want to promote your products, business or recruit other team members, how you deliver your message and your story is vital.

One thing that the most successful network marketing people do really well is public/online speaking whether it be online, on social media or to an audience. In fact it was probably a great presentation or talk that engaged you to sign up yourself!

4 in every 5 people fear public speaking. Which is why I think only 1 in every 5 network marketers are achieving their full potential. We are not born great public speakers, but it is very much a skill that can be learned and perfected.

I have developed a public/online speaking/presentation programme that will ensure that you can present yourself, your business and products with confidence, passion, inspiration and professionalism and NOT panic or fear!

“I know from my own Facebook page just how many of you are promoting your products and services. Some are extremely successful and others I can see are not so successful.

It’s no longer enough to just be posting pictures and offers to promote you and your business. I know over 30% of my facebook friends are network marketers and I’m inundated with the same old posts and pictures. You need to be different if you want new customers or people to buy you and your products.”

Natalie Cohen

Motivational Mind Coach

This one to one programme is for you if you:

  • Have a business that requires you to present or speak online, on social media, on stage or to an audience
  • Fear public speaking
  • Feel confident in speaking or presenting one to one or a small group but fear a large audience or online and social media speaking
  • Want to increase your sales and profit
  • Want to increase your social media following
  • Want to increase your likes, comments and shares on your posts
  • Want to increase recruitment of new team members
  • Want to inspire others

What you will receive in this programme:

Session 1 – Banish your public speaking fears and anxiety for good
From the very first session, we will ensure that you banish any fear, panic or anxieties you have about public speaking either using Hypnotherapy or BWRT®.


Session 2 – Create your content and structure
Understand your audience according to what you want to achieve. Do you want to educate, inspire, recruit or sell products or services? Who are your target audience? I will help you to understand how to create a talk that is targeted according to what action or reaction you want from your audience. I will share with you a model that I have created and developed for over 20 years for all my public speaking opportunities.


Session 3 – Your story
One of the best ways for you to sell your business is by having your own story to share with others. One of the easiest things to perfect is your own story. It’s something that once you have it, you will always have a fantastic ready-made talk that you can pull out of the bag at any time and deliver with confidence. See one clients testimonial below.


Session 4 – Ready to show the world “your story” with confidence and passion
By the end of this session, you will have a video of your story to share on social media. We will use hypnotherapy or BWRT® to banish any little anxieties you may or may not have by this time and to boost your confidence for your first of many for all future public/online speaking opportunities.


Bonus support: In addition to your one to one sessions, I offer up to 30 minutes support either by telephone, facetime, skype or email in between your session.

Here’s one of my recent clients Sandra talking about how she went from a panic state when she was asked to speak at a Herbalife event. To really elevating her business on social media with weekly live feeds and having a fantastic “my story” to pull out of the bag at any event and to any audience. In her very first Facebook post of her story she had over 74 likes, 20 comments and 10 shares. MOST IMPORTANTLY this generated new customers and business for her. Not to mention the confidence and ego boost that came with such amazing support and feeling like an inspiration to others.

One time 50% off offer

This entire one to one programme is usually worth over £350.00, however if you start this programme before the 31st January 2017, then I am offering this entire 4 one to one programme plus three 30 minute telephone or email support sessions for just £175.00. That is a massive saving of 50%! I will not be offering this huge discount again, so make sure contact me to get started before the 1st January 2017. If you have any questions, want to register your interest or to arrange your FREE 30 minute Initial Consultation then please call me on 07929331234 or email I look forward to meeting you. To your ultimate success….

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