At this time of year we look forward to the summer, longer brighter days and warmer nights. It is an excellent time of year to check in with your self and make sure you are feeling good.
Here are my top tips for a self ‘spring clean’

1. Re think your fitness routine – We all get a bit bored or lazy when it come to exercise, why not shake it up a little this spring and try something new. Whether it is joining in on a park run, taking up a Zumba class or spinning. Take a leap outside your comfort zone and try something new. It will help you gain confidence and feel more energetic.

2. Unplug – Switch off your phone, laptop or ipad for a period each day. Some people choose ‘digital free’ time each day and report feeling so much better! Stop browsing and wasting time looking at other peoples lives and do something you enjoy with your own life!

3. Check your diet – Have you slipped into bad habits? Check what you are feeding your body by keeping a food diary for a few days. Spring is a great time to detox from comfort foods and introduce new fresh produce into your diet.

4. Time for you – Whether it is 5 mins laying on your bed in the morning or a walk around the block. Take time each day for you, to get clarity and think about nothing but being you. It will help you progress through the day, stay productive and less stressed.
Staying motivated and full of life is not an easy thing in our busy stressful lives. If you would like to feel more in control and happy in your life I can help you put strategies in place.

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