Some of my patients who have been kind enough to share a few words about their experience with me...

Natalie has literally helped me to change my life. I was consumed with self-doubt and my confidence was rock bottom. It was stopping me from being the person I wanted to be and it was having such a negative effect on my relationships and work. Natalie worked with me for 6 sessions. I really felt like Natalie got me and she was so determined to help me to improve my confidence. I can honestly say it is the best thing I’ve ever done. My relationships have improved massively and I now feel like I like myself and worthy of confidence.



Natalie is definitely not a fluffy therapist! She was straight talking and direct which was exactly what I needed to stop me from self-sabotaging most aspects of my life. I now have a handle on my life. My therapy with Natalie helped me to find and remove the things that were causing me to sabotage my own success.


Self employed - Southend on Sea

I worked with Natalie for anxiety which I’d been suffering for 6 years including panic attacks. Anxiety was taking over every bit of my life and I felt there was no way out and that I would just have to live with it. I’d already tried so many therapies. Seeing Natalie was my last resort. I was so nervous before my appointment and nearly didn’t go. But Natalie was really welcoming and understanding on the phone and at my initial consultation. It gave me hope. Natalie described the different therapies to me and what she thought would best suit me. I worked with Natalie for 8 sessions. Within 3 sessions my panic attacks had stopped completely and I by the end of my therapy I felt like a new person. It’s hard to describe the sense of new life in me without fear, panic attacks and anxiety. I’m writing this 3 months on and still no panic attacks and my anxiety is gone. I had no idea why I had suffered with anxiety for so long. I saw Natalie as a last resort and wish I would have made it my first! Natalie’s motivation is contagious.


Housewife and mother – Leigh on Sea

I contacted Natalie after seeing her posts on facebook. I am a network marketer and to promote my business and products I have to do talks to people. Sometimes one to one but also at events. One to one I was fine. But I was petrified of being asked to speak at an event or in a crowd. To the extent that it felt like I was having a panic attack. I found myself staying in the toilet when people were being asked to share their stories so that I didn’t have to. But I knew I needed to sort this out if my business was going to be successful which I want it to be.

I had 4 sessions with Natalie. On the very first session she did BWRT and my extreme fear of public speaking was gone. I couldn’t get my head around that, but it was definitely gone! The next 3 sessions were about coaching me to give a talk. Natalie had so much knowledge on this. It was a video I saw of her on facebook that inspired me to see her. She helped me so much. She helped me to put to the whole talk together from how to structure it, its contents and how to deliver it. Even showed me how to use my little nerves to my advantage. The following week, I did my first talk. I was a little nervous at the start but I knew what to do with that from Natalie. I did it, I actually did it and more importantly, I actually enjoyed it. I was so proud of myself afterwards and felt like I’d helped to inspire other trebling wrecks like I was! People were congratulating me afterwards. I can now take my busy to a whole new level. Natalie is inspirational, motivational and spot on!


Network Marketer – Southend on Sea

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